safetyIn looking at the upcoming Buick Cars in Thunder Bay lineup for 2018, one major thing comes to mind and that involves safety equipment and options.  In an effort to educate people who may not already be aware, we are going to go through the remainder of the safety features being offered in this year Canada Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON.  We know that safety is important to most any and all Buick car customers and so your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership will be sure to elaborate more fully on any questions regarding safety.  You may get your concerns answered here, so please read on.

The great news is that Buick has a long history of developing and implementing various safety technologies that match the luxury that has come to be expected within the Buick line, so in most cases, you can have your cake and eat it too with a Thunder Bay Buick Car in Canada as opposed to choosing luxury or comfort over safety which has been the case with other makes and models in the past and today.

A few of the latest features that attribute to the safest ride available are: forward collision warning, and lane departure warning, both of which used cameras and or sensors to detect with something unsafe is potentially going to occur and they both work to warn the Buick Car driver via an alarm.  Blind zone alert is another Thunder Bay Buick Car feature that was implemented in the name of safety.  “Are you worried you won’t see a vehicle behind you because of your car’s blind spots? The Blind Zone Alert uses radar to point out vehicles the driver could easily miss. This great technology helps clear up obstacles that even the best mirrors can’t catch.”  You can learn more about rear cross traffic alert and other safety measures in place in your Thunder Bay Buick Cars by visiting your Buick Car Dealer in Ontario today.