CanadaYou know, summertime is really coming up quickly and some of the best times spent during these few months involve road trips in your new and used Buick Cars from Thunder Bay.  Hit the road with the windows down for Spring Break, or wait until Summer hits and blast the AC while you head out to visit friends or family somewhere far down the roadways.  “Summertime is the perfect time to explore the unknown. Road trips are a time-honored tradition of bonding with your fellow passengers, exploring landmarks and experiencing the rich history of Canada.”  The United States is a great place to explore in your Buick Car as well and many will cross the border headed either direction.

If you are getting ready to hit the open road in your new or used Buick Car from Ontario, you might first want to do some planning, though sporadic behavior can be fun, you may want to be a little type A in order to avoid some things no one wants to deal with like emergencies without the proper things to handle a variety of problems that can pop up on the roads.

If you’re planning a major trip, it’s best to figure out the areas of the country you are interested in exploring, how far you want to go from home, and how much you want to spend. Classic American road trips include Route 66, the Atlantic Coast, or the Pacific Coast.  If you are driving throughout Canada, or crossing form one country to the other, you may wish to check out what one online writer describes as the following, “Head to Horseshoe Bay for the ferry to Nanaimo, then hit the Pacific Rim Highway (BC Highway 4) for a gorgeous, windy drive boasting views of mountains, lakes, coast and through ancient temperate rainforest.” I hope in writing on behalf of Dominion Motors Buick Car Dealer, we have done our part to begin the inspiration you will need in order to have some of the best summertime drives of your life this year!