biggerImagine you have a four foot duffel bag to throw in the back of a sedan, along with a couple hockey sticks and the stroller that you always carry for your two year old just in case.  You have a scheduled time to pick up your mother in law at the airport too, and this will definitely mean luggage.  You don’t have a family of five, but this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from a little extra room in your ride.  You also aren’t alone.  We are finding, as we research the subject of vehicle size on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Sales in Ontario, that many people like you need more space in their new and used Buick Cars.

Some that fit the above bill will opt for a crossover or an SUV.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to get a smaller car, such as a sedan, but with the flexibility and cargo space described above?  Yes, and you can.  A hatchback design really does take those needs and make them viable.  When it comes to your Buick Cars for sale in Thunder Bay, many of them are converting or at least considering the option of availability in a hatchback version or style for the above exact reasons.

Also news this week on the Buick Car front is the following, related to the hatchback needs, “LMC Automotive and AutoForecast Solutions expect the hatchback and wagon versions of the Regal to be built at Opel’s Ruesselsheim factory in Germany and imported to the U.S.” and hopefully Thunder Bay ON as well as other regions in Canada.  “A sedan version of the next-gen Regal is expected to be produced in China for that market but not exported to the U.S. or Europe. It is expected to be introduced in April at the Shanghai auto show. Leaked photos of the car show hood lines compared to the hatchback’s that align with the large glass window.”