road tripGetting ready to hit the open road in your new or used Buick Car from Dominion Motors?  As you likely already know, there are a slew of beautiful places to take a road trip in Canada.  Before you set out, though, make sure to have your car thoroughly inspected for road readiness by someone you can trust, such as your service center here at Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay.  On a road trip, the following is true, and is being quoted directly from the Pep Boys website, known for class act vehicle service advice, “The most common vehicle component to failure is the tires.  Of course, you can’t always avoid a road hazard that leads to a flat, but you may be able to head off some maintenance-connected tire problems.”

So, the advice to listen to here, is have your tires inspected since they are one of the top things that can cause you trouble when you head out on your road trips this summer. What justifies a decent tire inspection from your service center?  Pep boys say, “A good tire inspection will start with looking over the condition of each tire itself. Are there signs of uneven tire wear? Are the tires properly inflated? Is the tread worn to the point that the tire should be replaced? The answers to these questions may lead to a recommendation to balance or rotate your tires. It may also be time to have an alignment service.”  You may simply want to have the alignment done and rotations as well, says your service guys at your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership service center.  After all, it is likely better to be safe than sorry.

Your brakes need also to be looked out for prior to hitting the open road.  They, too, can cause issues during road trips, and if they do, then they can be supremely dangerous issues given their primary function for your Buick Cars in Canada.  “Your brakes should also be inspected based on the manufacturer’s recommendation or as necessary for function as well as to determine how much life is left in your brake pads.”