wifi hotspotYour Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Ontario Canada recently began an interesting series about researched and highlighted high tech features that have been introduced in a handful of new cars on today’s automotive market.  It is a list that is short, but super interesting and we left off going into some great detail about the automatic parking ability in a few cars on today’s market.  Another, perhaps closer to reality, feature we have already seen lately is the in-car WiFi Hotspot.

“People are used to being online all the time, whether at home or at work. The rare exception is when we get into our cars. Sure, you can pull out a smartphone to check your e-mail or Facebook, but what if you want to get some work done on your laptop or browse the Web on a larger tablet?”  There are already a couple manufacturers doing this with what they call Uconnect access.  Someday soon perhaps we can offer you new Buick Cars with this ability from your local new and used Buick Car Dealerships in Thunder Bay.

Airless tires is yet another hot commodity that we found when researching some of the latest and greatest high tech abilities in today’s new cars on the market.   The fact found is simple…people  DO NOT check the pressure in their tires enough.  Driving on underinflated tires can be dangerous and, at the very least, means our Buick Cars will cost more to run than they would if the tires were at the proper level of air.

One recent solution we found online was to nix the air all together.  “The Bridgestone Corporation announced in late 2011 that it is working on a concept airless or ‘non-pneumatic’ tire.  Instead of air, this tire would be filled with molded thermoplastic resin spokes, which would be strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle. Since the tire does not need air, it would still operate normally if it were punctured. The thermoplastic material, including the rubber on the tread of the tire, would be 100 percent recyclable, making the concept tire significantly more environmentally friendly.”