self driving carWe have been focused in the previous two articles on behalf of your Ontario Buick Car Dealer, on the autonomous driving of the future and how all of the signs point to progress for Buick cars, along with other makes and model cars, trucks and SUVs, but namely in the partial autonomous realm as opposed to fully self-driving. As was pointed out prior, the situations on the roadways will inevitably require alteration in the plans in order to safely maneuver the unexpected, such as a construction site that changes its dynamics at the last minute, or a sudden flood on a roadway that comes along unexpectedly and outside of a machine’s parameters to detect or control.

In moments such as the above described, it would be most ideal for the driver to assume all driving tasks in order to best deal with whatever the situation might be behind the wheel of their Thunder Bay Buick Car.   There is human factor to consider as well and can be a contrast to the opinion that machines will not be appropriate for all driving situations.  Some will argue that humans are never a better option.

Her is what one article recently published in autotrader, found while researching this subject on behalf of your Buick Car Sales in Thunder Bay ON, had to say, “Humans are, well, human. Last summer a disengaged driver in Florida, overestimating the capability of the Autopilot automated-driving system in his Tesla, plowed into the side of a semi without even touching the brakes. Humans are simply unreliable. In 2014, nearly 3,200 people were killed and another 431,000 injured in accidents involving distracted drivers — drivers who were actually supposed to be actively driving their vehicle.”