transportation and ownership concept - man pumping gasoline fuelWith the ever-rising cost of fuel these days, everywhere you turn you are hearing of a quick tip to save on gas. Some tips may work and some may take more effort than they are worth. The reality is there are some basics to saving money and becoming more fuel efficient. A little bit of consistency in keeping your vehicle maintained properly will stretch your miles per gallon and save you money. Of course, routine oil changes and services will allow a maintenance technician to detect problems early on and will keep you ahead of the game.

According to there are ten ways you can increase fuel-efficiency. We have chosen to highlight a few here. The first tip is to keep your speed between 40 and 60mph. This can fluctuate with large SUV’s or pick-up trucks (should drop by 10mph or more).  Next, as silly as it seems…shut your vehicle off when you are not driving. Did you know that a hybrid uses this concept to reduce fuel consumption? This is accomplished by the hybrids automatic ability to switch off their engine while stopped in traffic. You may not have a hybrid car, but you can benefit from the same idea by simply turning your car off when you can.  Next, avoid accelerating hard when leaving stop signs. This can be a difficult concept for many teenagers, but it will drastically change your gas mileage. The final tip we have for you, that may also be hard for teenagers is to avoid driving around aimlessly. In other words, you should not “cruise.” In addition to this idea, you should use cruise-control whenever possible. This will keep you from random accelerations that will reduce your mpg.

As with any vehicle, keeping it properly maintained and serviced is also crucial to your gas mileage. To have your used Buick Cars serviced in Thunder Bay, contact your local Dominion Motors today.