FarewellAs in pretty much any industry, there are rumors floating around that sometimes pan out to be the truth and other times they simply fizzle out and are a part of the crevices of our memory in time.  Currently classified as a rumor, or perhaps an educated guess (one step above a rumor), is the fact that Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON will soon say goodbye to one of the top sellers in their lineup.  We are talking about the Buick Verano and it is being spoken around town that these new Buick Cars are headed out.

Due in part to the lesser prices of gas and the ways in which people are now flocking towards larger vehicles because they simply can, the Buick Cars in the Verano lineup may actually be casualties of this reality.  Autoblog puts it clearly here, “Today, fuel prices are cheap and consumers are flocking to crossovers while Buick is stuck sharing the premium compact pie with much more prestigious names (Mercedes-Benz and Audi). And because it’s sharing showroom space with the super-popular Encore, even the Verano’s affordable pricing has become a liability.”

When you consider the above information, it makes it much more believable and sensible that these new Buick Cars in Canada may be headed out the dealer door.  It makes even more sense when you consider the following to go along with it, “Today, a lightly equipped Verano is the same price as a base Encore, and they offer broadly similar features (rear-view cameras, a seven-inch touchscreen with Intellilink, Bluetooth, etc.). And if the Encore is too small, there’s probably a GMC Terrain sitting in the same showroom, offering more utility and equal equipment to the Verano for a similar price.”  Come to your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership.  Drive what we have and make the best choice for yourself, keeping in mind that if you like the Verano, you may not be able to get your hands on one, at least not a new one, for much longer.