customer gaugeWhen we set out to write and share information on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick cars dealer in Canada, we decided to find something that has people talking the most.  Currently, the one car that seems to be on everyone’s tongue is the Buick Envision for a multitude of reasons.

“Refined design cues, responsive performance enhancements and intelligent technology expand on the Envision’s growing popularity.”  Here are a few things that make these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay all the rage:  The 2019 Envision features a newly sculpted front and rear, signature grille and new wheel choices. With a focus on quality and safety, the design and engineering teams also welcomed input from current Buick Envision car owners in Thunder Bay ON to enhance the vehicle. “Initial owner feedback and solid sales growth indicate the Buick Envision is delivering the luxury and features desired by compact SUV customers.” Changes that were experienced by the Buick cars of Thunder Bay ON in the 2019 Buick Envision lineup are focused on providing the best that the vehicle offers, along with added flexibility and options amongst which customers can easily and happily choose.

“Some of the 2019 Envision’s most notable changes are the results of listening to our customers,” said Elizabeth Pilibosian, Envision chief engineer. “Beneath the updated exterior are a number of changes guided by a goal of offering the most refined and pleasant driving experience possible.”  It is always a smart choice to pay attention to what the market is requesting and taking these consumer suggestions into account with designers and for future makes of the new Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay.  It is not realistic to think you can please all demands or ideas, or that this would even be feasible.  It does seem smart, however, when the requests are reasonable, to attempt to please the group spending the money on your products.

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