Smart Phone ApplicationsThe advancements with technology and safety are slightly hard to keep up with, but the one thing that is certain is that we need these safety advancements. They help to keep our families and passengers safe and protected in case of emergencies. One new advancement that we are seeing with our vehicles is the adapting of using smart phones. One new application that has recently reached the market is the OnStar technology app for smart phones.

General Motors (GM) has decided to expand their Remote Link Mobile App for some of their 2014 models. The vehicles that will be getting this new technology are two of our favorites Buick and GMC along with a few others. The technology that is being used is an app called the RemoteLink Key Fob which is an app that allows you to do everything that your Key Fob can do, but from your smart phone device. This system can lock and unlock your doors and it can also start your vehicle if it has a remote starter already installed.

This technology will start your car if you are standing inside your house or in a building. This comes in handing when it is snowing or very cold weather. It can activate the horns and the lights. You can used this with the On Star program that will come in handy in case of an accident.

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