conceptualI love Oreos and concept cars.  Ok, so they are totally unrelated, but still, both offer excitement that is unique to itself, in my opinion.  Since this is a site that talks about cars and my job is to inform you of the latest news surrounding Buick cars, we will put the cookies back in the pantry for now and discuss something really exciting as it pertains to our new car lineup of Buick cars in Thunder Bay.

Reported just last week online was the following, “Buick just surprised the automotive world on the eve of the 2016 Detroit Auto Show by pulling the wraps off what can only be described as a stunning concept car. The Avista concept is a two-door, 2+2 coupe that is for a lack of better words, not your father’s Buick.”

I saw the car too and on behalf of your new and used Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay, I am here to say it will knock your socks off, truly.  This is a remarkable new Buick Car and we cannot wait for it to hit our sales department someday.  “The stunning rear-wheel-drive sports coupe features a 400-horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic and Buick also adds start/stop technology to aid efficiency.”  Do you know what this car reminds you of, and for good reason?  The Cadillac ATS-V with a totally different engine, but a re-bodied version of this car, nonetheless.  Good thing, or bad, you might ask?  All good, as far as we are concerned here at your new Buick Car Dealer of Thunder Bay.  Concept car it may be, however experts are reporting that this car is not at all too far-fetched for reality.  So, keep your eyes on our inventory here in Ontario and in the meantime, munch some Oreos to pass the time!