Canada travelHere we are, embarking on part two of our series regarding Canadian or American road trips worth planning for and taking in the spring and summer months ahead.  Remember that a road trip can be anything you want it to be.  You can make it major and move yourself from one part of the country to the next, even crossing from the US into Canada and making it a bi-country road trip, to simply making your way across the state, or heading out for the day and getting back before the sun sets.  The one thing that we feel all road trips in your new and used Buick Cars from Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay must have is adventure.  By adding adventure, you will be taking a simple ride from one point to the next and turning it into a journey.

Here is some specific road tripping advice I found online from someone who writes on this subject with regularity, “If you’re planning a major trip, it’s best to figure out the areas of the country you are interested in exploring, how far you want to go from home, and how much you want to spend.”

Once you decide on an area of the country, whether it be in the US, Canada, or both, you will want to map out how many miles you can drive in one day, the places you plan to stay the night, and any points that are interesting to you that you will possible want to pull your Buick Car over to hang out and explore, spending a little bit of extra time there.  Make sure that you only make a loose timeline since part of your adventure in your Thunder Bay Buick Car should be sporadic and fly by the seat of your pants.  Do what feels right in the moment and be flexible.