Driving in rainIf you have ever been driving down the road and had a sudden, and startling splash of water in your windshield, it can really catch you off guard!  Not only can it scare you, but it can also be dangerous, as it severely impacts your visibility.  For most drivers, they have to quickly adjust their windshield wipers to compensate for the extra water, but not the owners of a new Buick!

The new Buick Encore is an example of one crossover that has the option of new Rainsense wipers.  No more reaching for the windshield wiper controls with this awesome new feature!  When rain or water is detected on your windshield, your wipers will automatically be triggered for safer driving and better visibility.  How does this happen you might ask?  Well, the easy answer is that there is a sensor placed behind the review mirror, which sends a signal to your computer system and the wipers are then turned on.  The technology is quite a bit more complex than what this simple answer has to offer though.

“There is a multi-stage process and testing procedure that we must to go through with the Encore, for example, in order to integrate the Rainsense function,” said Matt Piazza, General Motors’ global design engineer for rain sensor technology. “Each vehicle is unique and there are a lot of factors like windshield pitch, rain intensity, vehicle speed and light conditions, that all have to be accounted for and validated.”

This sensor system is designed to work impecibaly during both day and night hours and it doesn’t just use a timer.  It detects the size and frequency of each rain drop to determine how fast or slow your wiper blades need to operate.

“The advanced technology of Rainsense wipers is another added level of luxury and convenience for Buick Encore drivers,” Piazza said. “It constantly monitors the windshield, so that’s one less thing on the driver’s mind, allowing them to concentrate on the road ahead. Once you experience it, you won’t want a vehicle without it.”

Come take a test drive on a new Buick Encore in Thunder Bay and we would be happy to show you how this great new technology works!