recycle oilWhen it comes to your Buick Cars from Thunder Bay, you may be the type who likes to handle some or all of the routine service needs of your new and used cars.  Remember, then, that most all of your Buick Cars waste is of a toxic nature and is most definitely not able to be thrown out with the garbage.  “Nearly all of a vehicle’s waste is toxic and will present environmental and human health hazards if disposed of improperly. Many of the automotive products we use are also flammable and cannot be disposed of in drains, storm water sewers, your garbage, or septic tanks.”  In most places we live, such as Thunder Bay, ON, it is also illegal to dispose of your auto waste improperly, not to mention potentially harmful to yourself and others.

Motor oil is the most commonly tossed out auto waste and it is responsible for much of the world’s oil pollution.  When it gets dumped in your backyard, down drains, or in your garage somewhere, you are actually not likely to think of the ways in which these contaminants then enter the ground, ultimately making their way into the soil and water supply.  The oil from your Thunder Bay new and used Buick Cars, contains heavy metals and other poisons, accumulated from your car.  Luckily, most service centers, like the one at your Dominion Motors Service of Thunder Bay, will assist you in disposing of your motor oil properly.  Better yet, let them change the oil in your new and used Buick Cars and then it will be handles properly for sure.

Recycling the oil is actually the best method.  The oil from your Buick Cars and other new and used cars, trucks or SUVs never actually wears out.  It simply gets really dirty.  Therefore, to recycle engine oil is so very simple, it much only be cleaned.  This is another reason it is so silly to pollute and waste the oil that can be used again and again when handled properly.  There are other toxic substances to consider when doing your own car repair and maintenance.  Stay tuned for more information here on this very subject from your Buick Cars of Thunder Bay.