Exhausted Driver Yawning And Driving  CarThere are so many distractions that are heavily discussed in today’s day and age. From electronics, to cell phones and texting, distractions are the cause of many accidents every year, many of which are life changing and even fatal. One distraction to driving that is often times forgotten is exhaustion. When drivers are tired and are at threat of falling asleep behind the wheel it can and does cause many accidents as well.

As a result, manufacturers have worked hard to engineer safety features that combat drowsy driving and work to keep you safe behind the wheel. These features are often referred to as crash-avoidance technology. System features include:

  • Forward collision warning and mitigation
  • Lane departure warning and prevention
  • Side view assist
  • Park assist
  • Back-over prevention
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Curve speed warning
  • Fatigue warning
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Antilock brakes (ABS)

Newer models are equipped with both ESC and ABS as standard features. The other options are not mandatory according to federal regulations, but they are being adapted and integrated by many automakers today.

You can find new and used Buick cars in Thunder Bay equipped with some of these features. Buick offers the best in safety and luxury and owners drive their car every day with the peace of mind that they need because they know that they are operating a vehicle that was built with first-class safety features.  Here are a look of the top five safety features you can expect to find in Buick cars:

  1. Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  2. Side Blind Zone Alert
  3. StabiliTrak
  4. Forward Collision Alert
  5. Lane Departure Warning

To learn more about each of these safety features and how they can keep you and your family safe, visit Dominion Motors and schedule a test drive! You will be excited to learn about all that Buick cars have to offer you!