safetyWhen shopping for that perfect Buick Car in Thunder Bay that will meet all of your family’s needs beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is imperative to consider all aspects of what you family needs, up to and including all of the latest safety that technology has to offer on the roadways, right?  What is the point in getting the latest and greatest new vehicle if you overlook the potential safety of your loved ones?

The great news is that Buick has a long history of developing and implementing various safety technologies that match the luxury that has come to be expected within the Buick line, so in most cases, you can have your cake and eat it too with a Thunder Bay Buick Car in Canada. These features, which come available on all Buick cars and SUVs, are designed to offer drivers the reality of comfort and safety both behind the wheel and in the passenger seat.   A few of the latest features that attribute to the safest ride available are: forward collision warning, which uses cameras in the front of the Buick cars in Canada that operate with the ability to warn drivers of oncoming potential impacts before they happen.  According to one Buick Dealership, “The technology is simple, yet very effective: if sensors detect an object rapidly approaching the front of the Buick vehicle, an alarm will sound, allowing the driver to react accordingly.”

Lane departure warning is another simple, yet rather effective means to provide safety on the roadways in your new Thunder Bay Buick Cars.  “This technology scans the road markings to alert drivers when they drift out of lanes, just like an extra set of eyes.”  Similar to Forward Collision Warning, an alarm will sound if a driver crosses over lane markers without a turn signal engaged.  There are plenty of other safety features we can and will write about in future post here on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Canada.