SafetyIf you are in the market for a new car, you likely have a list of important factors that you are looking for.  Whether it is affordability, reliability or efficiency that is most important to you, there is one characteristic that can always be found on anyone’s list….Safety.  Safety is very important to car owners because they want to know that each and every day that they are behind the wheel of a vehicle that will not only keep them protected in the event of an accident, but one that will also provide them with the tools they need to avoid an accident all together!  General Motors is constantly thinking outside of the box in order to provide you what you need and in their most recent pursuit to find the best in safety, they are getting everyone at GM involved.

Recently announced, “General Motors is creating a Speak Up for Safety program to recognize employees for ideas that make vehicles safer, and for speaking up when they see something that could impact customer safety, CEO Mary Barra said.”  Furthermore, she also elaborated, “GM must embrace a culture where safety and quality come first,” Barra said. “GM employees should raise safety concerns quickly and forcefully, and be recognized for doing so.”

Through this campaign, GM hopes to increase the rate of reporting issues by employees so that they can be addressed quickly and keep everyone safe.  The goal is to create a culture where safety comes first and that conversations about safety concerns are handled with seriousness and in a swift manner.

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