safety first on roadWe all know that regardless of the make and model of our car, we have two things in common.  We all want safety and technology to be at the top of the list when it comes to what our new cars can provide for us.  Keeping that in mind it is in your utmost best interest to consider the full lineup of Buick cars this year.  With the new offering at your Buick Car Dealer of Thunder Bay Ontario, there isn’t one Buick model that doesn’t come with a standard rearview camera.  That’s right, I said standard.  That means it won’t cost anything extra to make sure your new car has everything you need to keep your family and friends even safer than ever before.  It’s nice to know that Buick has your best interest at heart, isn’t it?

Why did they choose this particular safety technology to include as standard in all of their new cars and new SUVs this year?  Well, it was based on factual findings of what might influence increased safety setting the most in your new Buick Cars.  “In the fall of 2013 the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute conducted a study which found that vehicles with rear backup cameras have a significantly reduced rate of backing crashes based on its analysis of crash data.”  With results that indicated 97% of the backing crashes involved hitting another vehicle, the back up cameras were deemed essential solutions in reducing or even eliminating a huge portion of these accidents.

What’s interesting is that with Buick Cars decision to make them standard equipment, many other new cars, new trucks and new SUVs on the market are following suit, “Rear backup cameras have become like power windows and air conditioning,” said Karl Brauer, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book. “While they’re not standard on every car, yet, it’s rare to operate a new vehicle without them.  The increased confidence these cameras provide make them a must-have feature.”