Safety FirstIf you are looking for a new car, you are likely researching all of your options.  For most buyers today, safety has become a very important aspect of car shopping, as it should be.  Years ago, it was all about how powerful the car was and what the interior features had to offer to the driver.  We have seen a major transition in the automotive industry and it is no surprise that factors surrounding safety and fuel efficiency are seen as the most important with the others viewed as more, the cherry on top!

So, we are here to help you with your research and give you a little more information about Buick Cars in Thunder Bay and why they are the best choice when shopping for the cars in their segment!  Below are the top 5 safety features you can find in Buick cars and a little summary of what each feature will offer you.

  1. Rear Cross Traffic Alert: This safety feature will alert drivers to any vehicle or pedestrian that is approaching within 65 feet of your vehicle.  This gives drivers adequate time to react to any unexpected traffic or people and avoid a potentially fatal accident.
  2. Side Blind Zone Alert: With this feature, drivers are alerted to other vehicles that may be in an obvious blind spot.
  3. StabiliTrak: This awesome feature will monitor the grip that your tires have and in the event that the system detects that something isn’t right and that the car isn’t adjusting to your steering as it should, it will apply quick and precise force to the brakes so that you can maintain proper control of your vehicle.
  4. Forward Collision Alert: With high-tech cameras mounted to the front of your Buick, you will be alerted to any possible collision threats that may be coming up in front of you and will give you the time you need to adjust your course and avoid the accident.
  5. Lane Departure Warning: Again using cameras, this safety feature will alert you visually and audibly if it senses that you are moving from your lane in an unnatural way.

Contact Dominion Motors today and we would be happy to show you all of these great new safety features at work!