self drivingThe future of automobiles has much in store in the way of technology and someday we will get a clearer picture of specifically all that the new wave of Buick Cars in Thunder Bay ON can do for the future generations of drivers.  We do know that on the brink for just about all makes and models of any lineup of new cars, trucks and SUVs is the promise for autonomous driving in the rather near future.  Autotrader says, “When it comes to self-driving cars, there are some experts who doubt we’ll ever see full automation as defined by the 6-tier SAE International’s Levels of Driving Automation for On-Road Vehicles.  That is, the full-time performance by an automated driving system of all aspects of the dynamic driving task under all roadway and environmental conditions that can be managed by a human driver.”  The fact that these types of vehicles and Buick cars in Thunder Bay would not even have or need steering wheels makes them seem far from the real deal.

The questions surrounding autonomous driving that are posed by the skeptics are not done so because they lack faith in modern day technology or think that our Thunder Bay Buick Cars won’t be capable of such abilities, rather they questions are posed based on factors such as mapping, regulatory and insurance issues and coexistence of automated and non-automated vehicles such as bikes and motorcycles who will inevitably be sharing the roads with these potentially autonomous Thunder Bay ON Buick cars.

The wild card, or biggest deciding factor in the whole scheme of things really the human element.  This is ironic in and of itself, since we are talking about the elimination or at best drastic reduction of the human factor to begin with.  “Most of those question marks involve the human element of the automation equation, which is the wild card in the progress toward self-driving cars. In fact, the human element looms so large in implementing autonomous technology that a large swath of experts surmise that human shortcomings may require skipping SAE Level 3 entirely.”  There are many experts who agree with the above statement including those who report for the Stanford News.