self drivingOn behalf of your GMC Truck Dealership in Canada, we are covering an interest that many people have their eyes and ears pressed towards lately in the automotive industry and that is the subject of autonomous driving and the cars and trucks that we assume will make their way to the roadways at some point in the not-so-distant future.  There is a level for these new future cars and GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay that involves the collision, if you will, of software and humans, whereby the vehicles become actual self-driving machines.  It is referred to as SAE Level 3.

“SAE Level 3 is where software and humans integrate or collide, depending on the expert describing the process. In SAE International’s list of definitions, it is called Conditional Automation. Think of it as the vehicle being able to monitor its surroundings and drive itself in specific situations, such as on a limited-access highway, with the expectation that a human driver will spring into action, re-assuming control at the vehicle’s request.”  I think that this is the level with which most all Thunder Bay GMC Truck consumers are most comfortable. Afterall, as humans, we are quite resistant at giving up complete control over to a machine and perhaps with good reason.  There can and would be conditions that are likely to arise that will require human thought in order to proceed correctly and in the safest fashion most probably.

Let us think for a minute about road construction.  These situations and scenes are subject to variation such that a machine couldn’t possibly be prepared to handle any and all scenarios, but the human mind can see and act in response to the variations.  “At Level 3, once automation is engaged, the vehicle can handle all aspects of driving until encountering something unexpected, such as a road-construction area, a flooded highway or an accident. When faced with an incident beyond its programming or experience, the automation system will alert the driver to retake control.”  This, in the future Canada GMC Trucks is welcome technology to most and takes out the fear of poor programmed response that would only work in certain specific situations.