Mechanic repair vehicleDid you know that there are so many mistakes that people can make with their new and used Buick Cars it really is frightening?  Especially given that so many of these oversights are so common and easy to do, that we have likely all been guilty of one or more of them over our driving lives.  We can discuss, on behalf of your Service and Parts in Thunder Bay, what some of these costly mistakes are in an attempt to help you avoid them.

First of all, in your new or pre owned Buick Cars, or other make car, truck or SUV, never ignore the check engine light.  These are easily diagnosed and can be the sum total of nothing, in terms of problems, however, ignoring it can lead to treacherous results.  In addition to getting the check engine light looked at in the event it goes on, you also ought to take an overheating engine with seriousness.  Many people have reported driving a new or used Buick Car as it was overheating.  This can be a real problem for the engine and it should be stopped immediately and towed to your nearest service center, such as Dominion Motors Buick Cars Service in Canada.

A few other routine things that need handling on your new or used car, truck or SUV in Thunder Bay, are the following:  change the oil and filters at the correct, recommended increments, check the pressure in your tires for the best fuel economy and so that your tires wear properly, change your wiper blades when they show the first signs of wear and be sure to avoid the use of regular household glass cleaner on the back window.  The ammonia content in the cleaner will wreak havoc on the defroster’s heating element that runs throughout the window.