word significantThe Buick cars for sale this year at your local New Car Dealer in Thunder Bay have much to offer indeed. Today, we will cover some of the spectacular details surrounding the Buick Verano, which only received small updates in the big picture of things, but is still yet one of the most well liked of all Buick Cars in Ontario.

Some of the small yet mighty updates include the following: improved connectivity and a new appearance package for those who are looking to add some extra excitement to the luxury sedan. They also originally decided to get rid of the six speed manual transmission on the Turbo models of these Buick Cars for sale at your Thunder Bay Car Dealership, only to do an about face and change direction when it comes to this original thought. The final decision was released in a press article as follows: “UPDATE:Buick has done an about-face on the manual transmission; the Verano Turbo’s six-speed manual will soldier on unchanged for the 2015 model year.”

One of the most significant topics for discussion pertains to these Buick cars and their new and current state of connectivity. “Veranos are now even more connected thanks to OnStar with 4G LTE and a standard built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.” The hotspot is an exciting development, says your local new Buick car dealership in Thunder Bay ON, and is activated upon the car being turned on. The hotspot feature comes free for three months after purchasing one of these new Buick Cars. There was a new paint color offered on the sales floor for these 2015 Buick cars as well. Known as dark sapphire blue metallic, this luster is quite popular with young and old alike. One last new development this year in the Buick Verano lineup at your new car dealer in Ontario relates to the convenience and leather trim offerings. “…those who opt for the Convenience and Leather trims have the option of upgrading their Veranos with an appearance package that dresses the car up with a rear spoiler and bright chrome front grille.”