snow tiresSnow tires, all weather tires, some other type of tires, how the heck do we know which kinds of tires are best for your Thunder Bay Buick cars in Canada?  There are actually some parts of Canada that mandate the use of snow tires during the winter months, but as we all know, not all parts of Canada are created equally.  “For those that still need reminding, the recommendation to go full snows in winter months is not just a matter of tread patterns. Yes, the typical snow tires’ tread layout is more aggressive than something designed for summer use, but that only tells part of the story.”

There is an important element to review here, called KAL’s testing.  These tests reveal, according to our research done on behalf of your Buick cars service in Thunder Bay, that even a winter tire with 75 per cent of its tread worn has a shorter stopping distance on snow and ice than a new all-season tire. That bears repeating and drives home the point that you may wish to reconsider the option of snow tires when it comes to the safest thing to drive on in your Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay.  A snow tire that’s quite literally on its last legs will still generate more traction on snow and ice than a brand new all-season.

Why is that?  According to all that we read, “The other advantage of snow tires — and all ‘official’ winter tires have the oft-mentioned mountain peak designation molded into their tire wall — is that their rubber is specially optimized for traction below seven degrees Celsius.” And you may think that is a bit gimmicky, but actually, not at all, “That’s not just a cynical marketing ploy, the change in rubber compound — silica, as well as other compounds, are added to make the rubber more compliant at low temperatures — is as important, if not more so, than their aggressive tread pattern.”  The end result is that the tires are better even without snow when it comes to cold pavement.