changeHi, Carla here, writing an introspective article as a guest on Dominion Motors blog site.  Do you ever find yourself caught in the middle of yesterday and today?  I was sitting outside of my local Buick Car Dealer in Ontario and wondering what brought me here?  Well, I need to shop for a new car, so literally, that is what brought me outside my local new and used car dealership in Canada, however, I was thinking a little deeper than that.

Life seems to have spun by me, and now, I find myself feeling a little bit like a Buick Car.  Ok, so I get that this is going to require a bit of explanation.  I need to start with my Grandma Opal, I think.  She drove Buick Cars from Canada.  She lived in Michigan for most of my childhood and would always buy the latest Buick car from Thunder Bay and drive it around with nothing but pride.  I grew up really associating these new cars with the older generations of the world.  There may have been a time when this held true…and this is the key point in my writing today.  The truth doesn’t always stay the same.  What is today, may not be, and likely won’t be forever the case.

Take Buick Cars for example, have you noticed how they have evolved into the luxury car without a luxury price that most certainly appeals to a broad spectrum of people, not so much the older folks as was once the case?  If Buick Cars had feelings I think they might ask you to stop categorizing them as they once were.  Stop judging them as the cars they once were and recognize that things change.  Check out all of the latest things these new cars have to offer at your Buick Car Dealerships in Canada.  I want to tell people the same about me.  Ideals change, lives change, people change and what they once were isn’t who they are destined to always be.

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