wifi hot spotWhen it comes to Buick Cars and technology, let the streaming begin!  The 2016 Buick Cars in the Enclave lineup will allow for passengers to download with OnStar 4G LTE totally on the go.  The Thunder Bay Buick Cars for sale in Ontario will begin offering this soon and your Dominion Motors Buick Car Dealership encourages you to come find out more!  “Passengers in the 2016 Buick Enclave can download on the go with OnStar 4G LTE connectivity.  It includes a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which can be used simultaneously by up to seven devices.”

The Buick Enclave’s connectivity upgrade brings 4G LTE and the Wi-Fi hotspot to the entire 2016 Buick model range, according to one recent article found on the manufacturer’s website, so these abilities will be available to anyone who chooses to purchase one of the following new Buick Cars from Thunder Bay and add the option:  Buick Encore, Buick Verano, Buick LaCrosse and the Buick Regal  The Buick Cars must be on for the Wi-Fi to work like a hotspot.  And, the service will eventually cost the driver something.  However the Buick cars will come with three months and three gigabytes for free.

We all know how much technology and cars go hand in hand.  We all need the ability to do more and more with travel and along with those needs come the demand to do so in a safe fashion.  It seems Buick Cars in Canada are totally on top of this need indeed.   “Today’s busy lifestyles mean that customers depend on their mobile devices more than ever, and the addition of OnStar 4G LTE and its integral Wi-Fi hotspot keeps them connected at all times,” said Mike Speranzini, brand director, Buick in Canada. “It allows busy people to maintain a connection with their work and personal lives while being on the go.”