shutterstock_100019558Don’t want a monster size SUV on the road but still want a SUV? Then the all new 2014 Buick Encore just may be the car for you.  The Encore gives you the freedom of a SUV with the comfort and size of Buick cars. Why the Encore over other small SUVs? Luxury, comfort, style, and performance are what sets the Buick Encore apart from its competitors.

The all new Buick Encore has pretty good mpg at 25 city and 33 highway.  So you won’t be spending all your money at the gas station.  This allows for a smaller tank that holds 14 gallons.  The fuel efficiency is the same for both the AWD model and the FWD model.

An amazing standard feature  on the Buick Encore is the Buick Intelelink.  This allows you to use voice control on all your media features.  Basically you can voice to activate the phone, music (which includes Pandora, SiriusXM, and your Ipod or other USB device) and navigation.  The 17.75 cm touch screen display  makes for easy viewing.

Another great feature is the rear back up camera.  This is a new standard feature that you will come to love, and think how did I ever live with out!  The camera allows you to actually see what is directly behind you; basically eliminating your blind spot while reversing.

The luxurious interior is top of the line and comparable to cars at much higher price points.  Why buy average when you can get the best at half of the cost.  The stylish interior includes rear seats that fold down to allow up to 2.4 meters of cargo space.  It has a 6-way power adjustable driver’s seat and 10 standard air bags.

The exterior of the new Buick Encore is available in 8 colors.  And with 18″ alloy wheels, the luxury look is standard.  With outside heated power-adjustable mirrors standard, makes this car perfect for northern climates.  All of these features make this new Buick car the most affordable small luxury SUV on the market.  Talk to your local new Buick cars dealer in Thunder Bay.