Teen Texting While DrivingThere is never a more disappointing story to hear than one where teen drivers have been involved in a serious accident due to distractions relating to texting and driving. This is a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The best we can do is to educate young drivers on the dangers and find impactful ways to remind them of the seriousness of the issue. Reaching teenagers about these types of realities has to be done in a creative and inspiring way.

As a parent of a new teen driver, you probably have some fear and anxiety about your child’s habits behind the wheel. Influencing your teen driver to be more concerned about the road then their gadgets is an important part of their safety. If you have a daughter, this concern may even be more heightened. According to AAA, “females are nearly twice as likely as males to use an electronic device while driving, and overall are nearly 10 percent more likely to be observed engaging in other distracted behaviors, such as reaching for an object in the vehicle and eating or drinking.” When looking at the habits of boys, in the past they have been viewed as having more destructive driving habits.

The best thing you can do as a parent is make sure that your teen driver knows and really understands what the consequences could be if they choose to text while driving.  You can drastically impact these devastating results by staying in communication with your teenager.  Ask them to make a commitment to you that they will not use their phone at all while driving and make sure they understand that there are consequences in the event that they do use them and are caught.

At Dominion Motors, your dealer of Buick cars in Thunder Bay, we want our families and neighbors to be safe on the road.  The last thing we want to hear about is an unfortunate story about a teen driver in an accident because of texting while driving.  We wish you safe and happy travels this summer!