Buick RegalThe Buick Regal for 2015 has come a really long way when comparing it to the original version of these Buick cars in Canada.  Once described as “boat-like” and “squishy”, the new Buick cars in the Regal lineup at your Dominion Motors proves to be anything but those two things.  With new European influence, the latest of these new Buick cars at your local new and used car dealership in Ontario, it is being called one of if not the best sedan being built by GM.

The looks available to these new Buick cars make them one of the best looking sedans on the roadways, and the European influence mentioned above has done wonders for the driving dynamics we experience when driving a new 2015 Buick Regal.  Getting its start back in 2011, the Buick cars in the Regal family didn’t necessarily go hand in hand with luxury, nor were they really expected to.  In 2015, however, these new Buick cars from Dominion Motors of Ontario are really as close to luxury without actually falling in the category as any other new car today.

The latest models of these Buick cars have a new turbocharged engine, high-tech safety equipment, and an advanced infotainment system, all of which put them right on the edge of the luxury border when it comes to new cars at your local Buick cars Dealership in Ontario Canada.  The inside of these cars continues to shine as well and is nothing short of spectacular for 2015.  It is nothing if not tasteful which is exactly what most Buick Car owners are accustomed to in their new or used Buick cars from Dominion Motors.  Please accept our invitation to drop by our Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer and take one of these new Buick Regal cars out for a spin today.