best is comingThis is the second half of a two part write-up concerning the latest up and coming Buick Car in Canada.  Well, coming to Canada we hope, that is.  Recently released post Detroit Auto Show, the concept Buick car we speak of is called the Buick Avista and the experts are saying that it could most definitely become a reality, given what they have seen thus far.  We talked previously about how these cars will shoot through the sales department of your new and used Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay without doubt; this is based solely on the resemblance and likeness to the Cadillac mentioned earlier.  We cannot and should not, however, ignore the wonderful offerings on the inside of these splendid machines either.

We now, look inside these Buick concept and see what others are saying, “Speaking of that interior, it’s driver focused with touchscreen controls, exposed carbon fiber and aluminum accents, and a widescreen instrument panel. The front sport bucket seats look quite supportive, and the coupe has two rear seats…”

People who like Buick Cars often times have a nostalgic connection since they were really a big deal in the past.  In this way, the concept cars of which we speak hit the money shot.  I mean, really these new Buick cars are hitting the throwback era from the 50’s and 60’s.  “The proportions are low, long, wide, and sleek. There’s an elegance to the Avista’s shape that many modern cars lack, and it’s a throwback to classic Buicks of the 1950s and ’60s. The lack of a conventional B-pillar is notable, and feasible for production…if this concept were to go into production.”  Stay tuned and prepare to get excited as the Dominion Motors sales department keeps their fingers crossed that this awesome new Buick car makes its way to production and Canada too.