self driving carsSo, the Knight Rider was out in left field, huh?  Well, perhaps not.  It is more likely that this car was simply way ahead of its time, that’s all.  In fact, there are six different things recently published by KBB that will each and every one of them have a distinct effect on driving as we progress in time.  Most of them are approaching in what is expected to be the not-so-distant future.  I am writing this article on behalf of Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay as it relates to the future of the Buick Cars for sale there.  At the top of this list are autonomous cars.

Here is how Kelley Blue Book describes it, “You’ve heard of this one already. This is the car that drives itself, thanks to cameras, sensors, radar, lasers and magic. The most well-known autonomous car program is Google’s, which has been around (and succeeding) for years now, but most automakers also are working with technology that will make autonomous cars a reality in the next decade. Nissan is promising such a car in even less time: by 2020.”

Something to keep in mind for the Buick Cars in Thunder Bay and other new cars on the market both in the United States and Canada, is that the autonomous driving features have been around for some time now.  They are “active safety” technologies and they are exactly how the innovators planned it.  With the introduction of features that can “take over” when certain conditions are in place and at safety is at stake, they are warming us up for greater and more complex things to come.  “Some of the ‘active safety’ technologies that act strictly as driver assistance in production cars today are evolving into the systems that will allow the vehicle to take complete control of the driving process in the near future.”  You have likely heard of these features in Buick Cars as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane-centering and parking assist.