thumbs upThe most recent LaCrosse, in the Buick Cars lineup at your Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay, has a lot of people talking.  We didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the discussions.  There are many more of these new Buick Cars on the roadway than anyone really ever could have anticipated.  This is a wonderful thing if you are a Buick Car dealer.  The truth is, the Buick LaCrosse goes unnoticed by many an expert in the car industry.  Despite being virtually ignored, these Buick cars blast out sales each and every quarter that surprise those who are in charge of selling them every day.

They were in need of a spruce up, a fluffing of the pillows, if you will. And now, this year, that is exactly what these new Buick Cars have to offer at your local new and used Buick cars dealership in Thunder Bay.  In order to accomplish the refresh, Buick brought in its “…seasoned flagship for a little dry dock work.”  Some of the visual differences and updates to these new Buick cars involved the front fascia that is not totally new from its predecessor, with a waterfall grille and an entirely sculpted hood.  In addition to that, the housings for the headlamps have been molded into what is a definite increase in angular design.

Other modifications in outward appearance for these new Buick cars, for sale at your certified Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario, are as follows:  Wing-shaped LED daytime running lamps and articulating HID headlamps are optional.  “Base cars receive a wing-shaped LED light pipe and DRLs in the lower front fascia.”  There are yet more changes to experience in the newest version of these Buick Cars.  Drop by your Dominion Motors and see for yourself today!