veranoDid you have even the slightest inkling that Buick Cars could be successfully compared to Mercedes?  If you are like me, then the answer is probably no.  Not to say that Buick cars aren’t reputable, great options in new cars, because they have been for quite some time and still are, in my opinion.  It’s just that I had not put them in the same column when sorting out the new cars in today’s auto world inside my head.  I recently stumbled upon an interesting article that does just that…compares two different cars that are not typically associated with one another.

I am writing on behalf of your Dominion Motors Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay and would like to relay some of this comparison information to you.  “It’s hard to resist the allure of the Mercedes CLA 250 — sterling reputation, un-stodgy look and feel, and a pitch-perfect base price. But it also raises plenty of questions — not the least of which is, what else should I test-drive before I sign the paperwork?”

It is the Buick Verano, of all other Buick Cars, that makes the cut when it comes to which cars are worth comparing when you are considering the Mercedes CLA 250.  According to this Kelley Blue Book article, rating cars involves as in depth examination of style, performance, comfort, quality, safety, feature, and fuel economy and the CLA does an amazing job across the board.  Here’s the kicker…the Buick Verano actually does better.  Read more about the Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay ON as we continue this subject in the next post, elaborating upon how and why we think these new Buick Cars actually fare so well against such a high dollar, high class new car like the Mercedes CLA 250.