black and whiteThere are two more levels or areas of interest we would like to examine when it comes to the Buick cars in Thunder Bay and how they differ and remain the same in the Regal and LaCrosse lineups for 2015.  We already looked at exterior, interior and under the hood stuff, now we move on, as promised, to features and technology.

As far as equipment on these new and used Buick Cars in Thunder Bay, you will not see or hear anyone talking about much discrepancy.  Why you should buy one of these Buick cars over the other will most definitely not lie in a difference here.  “When it comes to equipment, neither the LaCrosse nor the Regal boasts a huge advantage over the other. In fact, both sedans offer almost exactly the same level of available equipment, ranging from a Bose audio system to the same available safety equipment, the same infotainment system and similar luxury conveniences…”  Things like a heated steering wheel and ventilated seats are options available for both new Buick car…all wheel drive as well.  The LaCrosse does charge more for the added stuff, though, given it is a bigger, more expensive car to begin with.

What will it be like to drive these cars?  What are the differences in your driving experience at your local Buick Car Dealer in Ontario?  This is where they differ by leaps and bounds.  “Despite similar styling and equipment, the Regal is pitched as more of a sport sedan — and when you climb behind the wheel, it shows.”  You will get a lot of power and acceleration here and a sharply tuned suspension.  The Buick LaCrosse is designed as a full-size sedan.  This is also apparent.  Here you get comfort which trumps the sporty drive.  Stop by your Thunder Bay New and Used Buick Car Dealership and decide for yourself which one best suits you.