tire pressureSo, we all basically know that just like oil changes and brake pads, your tires on your Buick Cars are considered a routine maintenance item.  No one wants to think about or admit it, but we will all be saddled with the repair costs of new tires for our used cars at some point in our lifetime, and likely it will happen multiple times.  However, there are things you can do to extend the life of your Buick Cars Thunder Bay tires.

Some of how fast your tires need replacing will vary from one brand and type of tire to the next.  “Just as vehicles, drivers, and driving habits are different from each other, not all tires are the same and they can wear at very different rates. For instance, high performance tires for sports cars wear more quickly than touring tires for a family sedan. However, a variety of factors can cause a tire to wear out sooner than expected, and/or cause it to wear irregularly and create noise or vibration. Two common causes of early tire wear out and irregular tire wear are improper inflation pressure and out-of-spec alignment conditions.”

As it relates to keeping your tires properly inflated, you should have no trouble maintaining this category of care if you so choose.  When your Buick Car tires are improperly inflated then you will definitely experience more rapid wear and likely have uneven wear as well.  The pressure that is recommended for your Buick Car Tires in Thunder Bay will be listed in the manual and on the door frame typically.  “Not only do vehicle manufacturers specify the inflation pressures for the front and rear tires to optimize performance for ride comfort, handling and fuel economy, they also take into consideration tire wear. Proper inflation pressure helps optimize distribution of vehicle load, acceleration, braking, and cornering forces in the tread.”  The way to handle this proper maintenance of tire pressure is to, first of all, check the pressure regularly.  Many of us neglect to do this and therefore end up with tire issues much sooner than we need to.  If you don’t know how, or simply want help, visit a Buick Car Service center in Thunder Bay and ask them to check your tire pressure for you.