winter tiresIn the world of Canada cars, we know that tires can be a bit of a quandary.  What type do you need for your new Buick car in Thunder Bay?  Do all cars in Canada need winter tires?  Not so much.  “Every November, every Canadian — or more specifically, every single Canadian who owns an automobile — ponders the same question: Do I or don’t I?”

Snow tires, that is. Oh, I know that in some jurisdictions — Quebec, most notably — it’s illegal not to have you car riding on “snows” past Dec. 15. So, to begin with, we know the answer is dependent on where you live.  “And that anywhere north of the 50th parallel — that’s pretty much anything north of Regina in Saskatchewan, Winterpeg in Manitoba and Thunder Bay in Ontario…”  It seems in these areas it is a matter of survival, the presence of the right tires on your Thunder Bay Buick cars and people are not offered much of a choice.

However if you are one who lives in a different area, a more moderate climate, for example, such as Victoria, Vancouver and the Greater Toronto area, things may be slightly different, or are they really?  According to the research done on behalf of your Buick cars in Thunder Bay, the needs may be the same with road conditions and tires, though, many are in denial.  “And like pretty much every expert, Yours Truly included, Gardiner still recommends people should have two sets of tires — full snows and a set of all-seasons of performance summer tires for our three months of road construction (Canada’s other season being nine months of winter) — that are rotated every fall and spring.”  It doesn’t all boil down to tread patterns either.  The traditional snow tire tead layout is more aggressive than something that is made for summer use.  For more details on ins and outs of Thunder Bay Buick car tires, stay tuned for further posts on this very subject.