form and functionWe are writing on behalf of your Buick Car dealer in Thunder Bay ON, on the subject of pickup trucks.  Yes that may sound a bit odd, but remember that we sell Buick Cars and GMC Trucks here in Thunder Bay, so the subject can sometimes cross over the car and truck lines. We chose this subject, also, because people tend to have greater difficulty figuring out which truck to buy than they do selecting a new car.  So, one of the first, and perhaps obvious, questions to ask is “what do you need your new truck for?”

The answer to the above question may put you into the most common category of them all, according to, “The most common pickup configuration is a four-door half ton with 4WD in a mid-trim level. These trucks hit the sweet spot for most buyers, combining room for a family with ample towing and hauling capability, a more carlike ride and better fuel economy than the three-quarter-ton or one-ton trucks.”  Having said that, if your plans include work such as plowing or heavy towing, you’re most likely going to need a stronger pickup, however, that is not the norm at your Buick Cars Dealer in Canada.

Also, remember, that another point to make, perhaps also quite obvious, is that pickup trucks are not the same as cars.  “It may seem obvious, but driving and living with a pickup isn’t the same as using a car. Pickups are bigger, heavier and more top heavy, and that means they’re not going to handle like a car.”  One reason we take the time to state this fact is that, here at your Buick Cars Dealership in Thunder Bay, we know that  backup cameras, electronic safety features and interior creature comforts have made trucks a lot more carlike, but there’s still no denying the laws of physics.