two similar looking kidsHave you been considering the purchase of a new Buick Car from Thunder Bay?  If so, you may want to read some of the following insight into the differences between the two most popular new Buick Cars in Canada:  The 2015 Buick LaCrosse and the 2015 Buick Regal.  Here are a couple generalizations found online from an article published on Auto Trader, really amplifying the need for answers since the differences are apparently not apparent at all.  “Both models are about the same size, and their prices are surprisingly similar too…”

We are going to start on the outside of these Buick Cars in Thunder Bay.  When peering at the exterior it is easy to get these two new Buick Cars confused.  “When the two sedans are next to each other, you’ll see some obvious differences, such as the LaCrosse’s larger size, the Regal’s unique door-panel design and the LaCrosse’s more pronounced rear wheel arches. But if you’re seeing the two cars separately, you may not notice those differences.”  Unless you are looking at them side by side, you will only really see similarities such as grille design, headlight and taillight styles that intermingle and very similar design profiles in terms of overall looks.  Auto Trader writer says, “Indeed, the shared design language is probably the main reason these two sedans are so frequently mistaken for one another.”

Moving inside these two new Thunder Bay Buick Cars, it is easier to start spotting more differences in these new Buick cars for sale at your Thunder Bay Dealer.  “One major reason is interior room, as the LaCrosse is larger than the Regal, especially when it comes to rear-seat legroom and hip room. The LaCrosse also touts more trunk space.”  The dash is way more elaborate and luxurious on the LaCrosse than in the Regal.  A lot of little details are the same inside, however.  “With that said, the two models do share some touches, such as a steering wheel, a shift lever and a few gauges and switches.”  Read the next post or two when we continue this very subject.