safety first on roadAs if having to miss another day of work because of your faithless car isn’t enough, you mechanic has just returned with an apologetic look on his face. Usually this means that your Buick Car in Ontario has really done it this time. To know what you might be able to expect, we have a list of all the truly terrible things he could come back out and tell you.

He says, “Well, you know that giant, like really huge and deep, puddle you crossed? You sort of sucked some water into the cylinders.”

What does this cause you ask? A hydrolocked engine. You see, there are places that water simply should not be. Like maybe inside your iPhone, or your ears, and it definitely should not be in your engine’s cylinders. When it is functioning normally, your engine’s cylinder has air and tiny droplets of fuel inside. The air handles compression. So, when the piston squeezes everything, the pressure just rises. The problem arises because the water is not compressible. So, when the pistons start to compress everything, it just loses instead. We’d like to say that all you have to do it dry the water out, but unfortunately all the expensive parts that are attached to the piston get bent or broken due to the water fighting back. This means, you guessed it, another new engine! As we discussed previously, this will set you back three to ten thousand dollars.

He says, “You see how the paint on your hood has started to bubble? Yeah, that’s because things were getting a little toasty underneath.”

And what is under the hood you ask? Ah, yes. The engine. Now, if you notice that the paint is bubbling before you get to far, you can take action and possibly end up with a cheaper fix. Overheating can be caused by a simple leaky hose, a stuck thermostat, or even just a loose clamp. In these cases you are looking at a $100 fix. But it could cost more if you don’t act. More on that in our next blog.