what you seeLooking a little closer at the 1970 Buick GSX on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Certified Service Dealer, we find even more interesting details to toss your way.  “Standard on GS models were functional hood scoops that mated to dual air-cleaner intakes. For the really power hungry, Buick offered the 455 Stage I performance package.”

There were things they did to change the making and inter-workings of these Buick Cars in Canada. They added a much hotter cam with even bigger valves that hat stronger springs and ported heads. The carburetor jetting was revised and improved upon at the time as well. Torque stayed the same for these Buick cars in Canada, but Buick put the horsepower at 360. The test being done at the time on these Buick Cars, rated them at over 400 hp.  Why would they sell these cars short? Well, maybe some didn’t feel the need for such power?  Afterall, more power means more fuel typically and back then did people really feel the need for this type of power without the efficiency that some of the modern day engines are able to provide?

One of the best things to share and discover on behalf of your Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay is the cost for packaging and how much less it was back then.  “A bargain at just $199, the Stage I package included a Positraction 3.64:1 axle and performance modifications to the available three- and four-speed manuals and the automatic.”  Hard to fully imagine all that these Buick Cars once were, it is also great to know that they had all that they had even to the consumers of this era.  Back in 1970, many of us were not even born yet and many more of us were not old enough yet to drive.  It is interesting then to compare what we know of today’s modern day Buick cars to those from 1970, don’t you think?