Oil Change carHaving your oil changed is one of the easiest things to have done for your vehicle, but would you believe me if I said you are probably doing it too often? The service center makes it easy for us with that tiny sticker up on the top left corner of our windshield. We just check the number and then make an appointment. However, I think that I can save you a little extra money when it comes to your vehicle.

You can find everything that you need to know about your vehicle in the owner’s manual for your Buick. Just check it out and you will see that the manual will give you an exact mileage at which you vehicle should be changed. If you have misplaced your manual then you can check out some website to find the manual for your specific year,make, and model.

Based on the conditions that you drive your car through you will find different times for regular maintenance. You will find that most people are going to have a normal schedule, but if you are driving on dirt or rock roads frequently then it might be a little more often.

Another way to save a little extra money is by using the extended life oils that you can get a fairly specific mileage out of. For instance, Mobil has an extended life oil that is guaranteed for 15,000 miles. Along with this extended life oil you can get a high mileage oil filter that will give you a little extra time in between servicing your Buick. Although these exist you might want to check out your vehicle’s warranty because they might void it out if you aren’t following the proper service intervals.

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