gavelWe are headed down the same path of new and used Buick Cars and all that we can express to you when it comes to the Buick Verano and its awesome glory for the upcoming 2016 model year.  We discussed these excellent Thunder Bay Buick Cars in the previous post as they relate to other really well-known and highly acclaimed cars, such as the Mercedes Benz.  The Mercedes CLA 250, to be exact, is actually being considered one of the top competitors for the Buick Verano.  Can you believe it?  Many people, including the experts at KBB are considering it a better performing new car than the Mercedes CLA 250.  Here are some of the specific details:

“We rate all cars for styling, performance, comfort and quality, safety, features, and fuel economy. And in this case, the CLA comes out on top, even before all the safety ratings are in. There’s a “however,” of course: in our numeric rankings, the CLA doesn’t break entirely free of Buick in any category, while the Verano outshines the CLA in at least a couple areas.”  This indicates to you, as a new car customer of Dominion Motors, that especially if you have considered this particular Mercedes car, you really ought to give the Buick Cars of Thunder Bay ON, namely the new Buick Verano, a spin and a good looking over before you settle on the Mercedes for sure.

A writer from the car connection said this, “The Verano’s a remarkably quiet, well-composed four-door–and in the preferred form, The Verano Turbo is priced just about where the base CLA 250 starts. In a straight line, on a long freeway cruise, we’d honestly be happier with the Verano’s serene attitude.”  We know for a fact that these Buick cars also fall ahead of the pack with it comes to safety and comfort.  Swing by Dominion Motors where you can be the judge.