ACCWhen it comes to our job of publishing posts on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealership in Thunder Bay ON, one of the best parts of the work is researching specific features and new ideas in the industry or specific to the cars and trucks in Thunder Bay.  Becoming educated on different aspects of what makes the newest cars, SUVs and trucks come together and work for new car customers, is an intriguing area of interest and always allows for satisfaction in the process of gaining new knowledge and information.

Your new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay all have multiple trim levels and feature options and today, we look a little closer as ACC.  Adaptive cruise control is one of those technological advances in cars and trucks that help lend itself directly to the development of autonomous driving capabilities.  For this reason, the feature interests me most of all.  Adaptive cruise control, in your new GMC Truck, is capable of providing assistance to the driver in the task of longitudinal control during highway driving. The system accomplishes this by controlling the accelerator, engine powertrain and truck brakes to maintain a desired amount of time between you and the vehicle in front of you.

In researching for information to pass along on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealership in Canada we found that the following interesting information based on actual research that describes the results of a microscopic simulation investigation into the potential effects of ACC on highway driving in your new cars, trucks or SUVs.  It was done in Europe.  “In addition to simulation, real vehicle driving profiles, obtained from instrumented vehicle experiments in three European countries, have been used to compare real following behavior with that of a simulated ACC equipped vehicle.”  The biggest conclusion showed great gain in driver comfort, along with environmental gain.