safetyDangerous weather can and does hit while out in your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay.  There can be hurricanes, depending on what part of the world in which you dwell and drive, tornados, snow storms (sometimes escalating into blizzard conditions).  You can get lost or break down while driving one of your new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON.  These facts are not meant to scare you, but are all great reasons to consider an extra bit of safety that is available at your Thunder Bay GMC trucks dealership in Canada, in the form of OnStar.

“While it’s important to take steps to properly prepare for dangerous weather, OnStar advisors can provide assistance when navigating the aftermath…”  What they are able to do is mentioned and elaborated upon below, found in our research on behalf of your GMC Trucks Dealer in Canada.

You can connect with emergency first responders, first and foremost, this is extremely important for totally obvious reasons in the event that something you are experiencing is life threatening to you or someone else in the vehicle.  “Traditional emergency call centers can quickly be overwhelmed with call volumes after a dangerous storm. OnStar can provide a direct, alternate means of connecting with emergency responders and requesting aid.”  You can make a call on someone else’s behalf, called good Samaritan calls.  Basically, this allows you to reach first responders on other people’s behalf.  If you are stuck in an area that is hard to navigate due to storm conditions, then OnStar will help you get out in your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay in the best way possible.  They call this feature evacuation guidance.  “Evacuation guidance: OnStar advisors can help you find the best available routes out of an area impacted by severe weather.”  “OnStar can also help you locate available shelter facilities, hotels, or other alternative appointments, if needed.”  They will put you in touch with friends and family also in the event you get stuck out in your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay with the OnStar feature.  You can see from all that you read the fact that this really is the ultimate in safety features for your vehicle.