sales recordsLooking for strength in your engine above all else?  Then you will want to explore further the new lineup of GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON.  Many of them, the Sierra Denali for one, have a new engine with the following specs, “The all-new 6.6-liter LP5 Duramax turbo-diesel under the Sierra Denali 3500 hood is one of the strongest engines on the road in a heavy-duty pickup, with a factory rating of 445 horsepower (tops in its class) and 910 pounds-feet of torque (second place in its class). Combined with a well-appointed interior and sound levels rivaling a library, GM’s marquee full-size heavy-duty pickup should be on the radar of anyone who tows big trailers long distances.”
Also found in our recent GMC Truck research is the fact that the average Denali truck buyer in the United States and Canada is a person who falls under the disciplined achiever title, they are typically very organized and contain high standards.  This, is according to research and input from GMC Marketing Manager, Stu Pierce who says that they (the GMC Truck buyers) are typically towing trailers in both their business and professional lives.  The GMC Sierra Denali HD is fitting the exact bill for all of their needs both in the United States and Canada.
One of the biggest attractions when it comes to GMC trucks lies in the trim level options.  This is one area where Ford F150 trucks sort of set the bar  high, and GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON have answered the call and done the same with many options and combos of possibilities, allowing for anyone and everyone to find what they need in a new truck in  Canada.  You really ought to check one or more out at your local GMC Truck dealership today.  Take one out for a spin and then see all that the modern day GMC Truck has to offer.