cupholderIn looking for new and somewhat improved ways to guide you in the quest of keeping your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks clean, we have been reading up on the topic on behalf of your new and used GMC Trucks Dealership in ON.  If it is true, especially, that you are toting your kids around in your new GMC Truck in Canada, then you can use the added advice most of all.  Ask yourself this:  do you have trouble keeping the inside of the truck in a favorable state of existence?  Put more realistically, is the interior or your Thunder Bay GMC Truck basically trashed by your children, pets, etc?  Much of this has to do with being a busy mom, no doubt, but the great news is that there are a few pointers and hacks that may help and that you may not have thought of until now.

In our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Service in Ontario, we found some moms that recommend simple things to do on a daily, or weekly, or monthly basis, in order to tame the ongoing mess in your new GMC Truck that really is all part of life when you have kids.  Number one is not to fight the mess.  It will happen as long as you are living life to the fullest.  Instead, insist that anything brought into the truck be taken out upon return.  This means jackets, cups, books, bags…etc.  Leaving things behind caused quick accumulation.

A few other neat tidbits are to use baby wipes to give the interior a quick wipe down, including and especially, cup holders.  These doggone things really trap some gross stuff.  Instead of looking like your GMC Truck in Thunder Bay is growing a science experiment where your water bottle used to sit, wipe that gunk out from time to time.  The more often you do so, the less elbow grease involved and the less disgusting it will get.  Make a homemade air freshener to kill the stink inside your Thunder Bay GMC Truck in Canada.  This involves one cup of baking soda plus 5 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Mix it together in a ziplock and let it sit for a day or so.  Sprinkle it on your carpets and vacuum in 30 minutes.  Viola!  No more stench.