Tips Sign On KeyboardIn our last article, we talked about how to avoid becoming the “cause of road rage” and while you may think there is never any reason for someone to display road rage (and there isn’t)…it is the nature of some drivers and it is important to practice good driving habits to avoid ruffling the feathers of someone who has a temper behind the wheel.  That being said, if you are one who can find yourself with a temper behind the wheel (and we have all been there from time-to-time), then there are some tips for you to take into consideration as well.  Your Dominion Motors GMC Truck Dealership wants you to be safe and enjoy your time in your truck!  Here are some tips to consider:

  • First, you should take into consideration the type of music you listen to while driving.  Believe it or not, the style of music you are listening to can really effect your mood behind the wheel!  Consider changing it up a bit to see if it makes a difference.  You might be surprised!
  • Know the route you need to take and the most efficient way to get there.  Many applications and gps features on your phone these days will allow you to choose a route that avoids potential set backs like traffic accidents or hold ups due to inclement weather, etc. Knowing this information will ease your stress levels and help you to get where you are going without frustrations along the way.
  • Regulate the temperature in your vehicle effectively.  The hotter you are, the more prone you are to get frustrated easily.  Make sure you are staying cool and comfortable so you can remain cool, calm and collected.

These may seem like silly tips, but they really will make a difference for you if you do indeed struggle with road rage from time to time.  Stay safe Thunder Bay!