hailI am writing as a guest blogger on Dominon Motors blog about a recent experience I had in my GMC truck.  I have an eight year old. I have a two year old. They are both little boys and, as of this morning, we are talking about trying to have another. This is crazy, I think, as I am sitting with the rain pounding out the hood of my 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD WT recently purchased from the GMC truck dealership in Thunder Bay ON. I mean, we are seasoned parents, and by seasoned I mean, well heading to the ripe banana phase. Life tastes soft and delicious like a banana perfect for the taking, but we all know that this feeling eventually turns to mush as the years go by, and, not to sound depressing, no one is getting any younger. We love our kids, though, and parenting, right now, is what we do best. Also, if I might add, we are both REALLY great at it. But, there’s this stupid age thing. How old is too old?

I hope not to need dent repair for my GMC truck as the rain seems to now be turning into hail. I am extending my alone time in the parking lot thinking about which service center in Canada I may need to visit in order to repair my new GMC Sierra. There’s always the Dominion Motors GMC truck dealer in Thunder Bay, they do a wonderful job on all of our new and used vehicles, but I digress. Dent removal from an auto body repair shop is a small price to pay for Mommy alone time. So, I further ponder my situation.

One more kid, my husband says, just one more. The idea is amazing and I love him for wanting another, but my gut gets nervous. We keep up with our two little ones now just fine, but what about ten years from now? David will be 50 this year and I am 41. Isn’t that a problem? He’s in good health now though, so at least we have that going for us. The future is a scary place to let your mind visit. That is my problem, I am too much of a planner. All of a sudden I feel a release in thinking. A wash of calm pours over me. And, this moment, sitting in my brand new GMC truck, I had a glowing moment of realization. You know what? I don’t think God will allow it if it isn’t totally in the plans. Why can’t I think like this more often? I don’t think these decisions are really meant to be up to me. I don’t have what it takes to KNOW. I suddenly feel an urgency to talk to David and tell him it will all be OK, but first a call to my GMC truck dealer in ON to schedule service for our new truck….