The GMC Terrain is the SUV for guys who don’t want to be seen driving a sissy SUV.  This is one masculine looking small SUV.  GMC designers have a made a small SUV that resembles its big brothers the Sierra and Yukon. This is a car that is filled with military grade materials.  To me, it’s like GMC took all the good things from their Hummer line and put them into this little beast.

As I just mentioned the exterior is very masculine but it is also refined.  This is a GMC after all and only the best will suffice.  Projector beams and fog lamps light up the road for you.  Aluminum wheels grace comes standard.  The lighter weight helps with fuel economy.  This may be a “small” SUV, but it has a commanding feel on the road.

The interior is a little more upscale than your average SUV.  It comes with a color touch screen radio and has available Pioneer speakers.  The Terrain comes standard with a rear view camera.  This makes parking a breeze and backing out a drive much safer.  Two other available features are designed to keep you warm and make life a little more comfortable are the heated front seats and remote start.  And speaking of comfort, this small SUV has ample leg room in the back and plenty of cargo space for all of your stuff.

A standard 2.4 liter four cylinder engine comes standard, but if you need more power a 3.6 liter six cylinder engine is available.  The Terrain has an estimated fuel economy of 51 hwy kpg and 35 city kpg.  Front wheel drive comes standard but all-wheel drive is available.  Your GMC Trucks dealer in Thunder Bay will show you all the advantages to each engine. Overall this is a great small SUV with a big SUV feel.