personality types word cloud on a vintage blackboardIf you are in the market for a new GMC truck, or any new car for that matter, finding the perfect dealership and the right salesman is the first place to start.  If you are car shopping, you probably already know that the salesman will make or break the deal.  When you invest your time and money into such a large purchase, you want to do so with confidence in the person who is leading you through the process.  In our next few blogs, we are going to give you a few tips on how to make your car and truck buying experience all that it can be.  According to Edmunds, a great salesman will show 8 key attributes.  We are going to share with you those 8 attributes and examples of how our salesmen at Dominion Motors will meet and exceed your expectations when buying new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay.

The first attribute is Personality.  According to Edmunds, whether your salesman is outgoing, or reserved isn’t the mark of a great salesman with a lot of personality.  Rather, you should strive to find a salesman who is friendly and who will listen to your needs throughout the process.  You will most likely find out who these salesmen are by asking your friends who have shopped for a car in the area before.  You will also quickly find out who these salesmen are NOT.

The next attribute is Persistence.  You might have your heart set on a very specific make and model, and maybe even year of vehicle if shopping for a used car or truck.  That specific car or truck may not be readily available, but a persistent car salesman will go the extra mile to find you what you are looking for.

At Dominion Motors, we are sure that you will be more than satisfied with the salesman on our showroom floor.  Visit us today and we will help you get into the vehicle of your choice quickly and affordably.  Check back in for more tips on how to find the perfect car salesman.